Where to go in Kazakhstan. Singing barkhan in the national Park

Where to go in Kazakhstan. Singing barkhan in the national Park

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Where to relax in Kazakhstan. Exotic excursion to the Singing sand DuneПоющий бархан

The dunes sing?
Singing barkhan is a pearl in the crown of the famous Kazakh reserve “Altyn-Emel”.
This phenomenon of nature, famous for the fact that in dry weather the Sands emit a sound similar to the melody of the organ.

How to get to Dune:
To begin, you should come to the city of Almaty-Kazakhstan;
Book a sightseeing tour at the local tour Agency.
What to bring:
Barkhan is located in pustun in a wild national Park. Accordingly, You will need:

Comfortable shoes;
Something to eat, although some tour operators sell light breakfasts directly on the bus.

How much it will cost:
Flight from Moscow to Alma-ATA and back-about 35 thousand rubles .
Accommodation in Almaty – from 200-300 rubles per bed (you can Order a room here – at the registration 1000rub. bonuses).
The cost of the tour is about 8000-10000 tenge – about 1.5 thousand rubles ( this amount is usually included: Guide
Ecological dues;
Professional photo report;
Drinking water;


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