Drink coffee in Spain. Valencia. La Petite Brioche

Drink coffee in Spain. Valencia. La Petite Brioche

Rest in Spain. Valencia. What cafe to visit?Кофе в Испании

Coming to a new city, it does not matter European, Asian or American, we often ask ourselves:” in what cafe to sit? Where to eat walking around the city? Desirable tasty and not too costly .

The Spanish town of Valencia is dotted with various cafes. But there are special ones…

Great place for Breakfast in Spain. Valencia.

At any time of the day, the streets filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the Spaniards can not imagine without him neither Breakfast nor lunch or just meeting with friends) for coffee quite unnecessary cakes and sandwiches-they drink it solo, slowly, reading a newspaper along the way

A great set of coffee and cake (cake)

Кофе в пирогом в испании
Великолепный набор из кофе и торта (пирога)

But I’m not Spanish, and coffee and cake are inseparable in my mind, so I’m sharing with you a photo of a very cool place with magic red velvet and carrot cake.

A cozy cafe where we sit is located in the heart of the Spanish town of Valencia. Map of Valencia with the mark below:

Map of Valencia with mark

карта валенсии
Карта валенсии с отметкой

The name of the cafe, as you have probably dogadalis “La Petite Brioche”, which translates as “little bread”. Although, to be honest, I’m not very strong in the Spanish language

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