Pros and cons of working on a cruise ship! Review. Comment. Photo.

Pros and cons of working on a cruise ship! Review. Comment. Photo.

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Advantages and disadvantages of working on a cruise ship! Or what you need to know if you decide to build a career on Board!

A dream job or a floating prison? Or how to get a job on a cruise ship.

Работа на лайнере

Работа на лайнере

Work on the liner

Let’s understand. In fact, everyone can get a job on a cruise ship.
The only moment, of course, English… At least conversational. Well, we are, of course, talking about international cruise companies, the main bonus of which will be the opportunity to see the world and save a tidy sum, and maybe build a career on Board…
So, if you have English and your strong desire, you can get on any international liner. Second moment! Who to work?
Here, if you do not have specialized knowledge, the choice is not particularly large. Basically Russian guys waiting for the job of a waiter or bartender. But in good companies their salary can reach 3000-4000$.
In General, the sea vacancies Photographers, chefs, casino dealers, officers, even captains and electricians, and of course the artists, but that’s another story…

In addition to knowledge of the Language, you will be required:
* seaman’s passport.
* visa, depending on the company,
* sometimes solas is a document on the practice of first aid on the water.

View from the stern of the liner

Вид с кормы лайнера

Вид с кормы лайнера

You can make all the documents through the Agency, for a fee of course…
Either long and dreary, but cheap, and yourself…
The Agency is only an intermediary between you and the company, when you get the contract its services will no longer be needed…

And forward to new countries and new life. But of course there are always your “but” … Each Ship is a separate “floating state”… Their rules, laws, in short their ” moments.”..

Features of work.

You should be ready to work seven days a week! Right now there are no one day. Contracts are usually 3/6/9/11 months, everything depends on the company and the vacancy.
But the schedule is usually really hard, because the cruise liner is a conveyor for the gratification of passengers and the production of comfort and entertainment for them. And the pipeline works without stopping!
So be ready to work 7 days a week, at least 10 hours a day, with early climbs, long shifts, and most importantly always with a smile on his face…

On board. Lifeboat

На борту. Спасательная шлюпка

На борту. Спасательная шлюпка

The team on the ship

The next important “point of the program”, you have to work, and most importantly live in an international team. Up to 40 different nationalities can work on Board of one liner.
Where everyone has their own mentality, education, traditions… So, if sociability is not your strong suit, then there is something to think about…

And most importantly, it is important to understand, no matter how cool, it is a closed space… The restriction of freedom is felt not only in a huge number of rules, but also in the literal sense within the boundaries of the ship…
If you still have not changed your mind and are not afraid, then let’s talk about the pros, which a huge number!

Stop in the port of Port of Keelung

Остановка в порту Port of Keelung

Остановка в порту Port of Keelung

The advantages of working on the liner.
The most important thing is the opportunity to see the whole world! The Grand canyon, Machu Picchu, Eiffel tower, Bigben! Everyone has their own dream location! And working on a cruise ship can help you fulfill those dreams…
The second, pleasant aspect-career growth! If you are seriously ready to develop, and do not treat the contract as a one — time adventure, the liner is a great place to build a career! No matter what Department you work in, if you show initiative and diligence, progress will not be long in coming!
And of course the financial question! The ship is an ideal place for savings! No food! No need to cook! Time for shopping is not particularly… So what will come of Pinocchio…
Waiting for your questions in the comments!

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